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The September 2019 BTO presents buyers with 2 choices in 2 rapidly developing estates.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at is the mature estate of Tampines.

Location and Overview

Map of Tampines BTO in September 2019. Picture: HDB

Tampines’ development will be much smaller than its Punggol counterpart, and will only have 649 units available at launch.

While this might seem odd, it is pretty common in mature estates to have small developments that are made up of 4- and 5-room units.

Situated at the border of Tampines and Pasir Ris, and located near an IKEA, a 24-hour Giant supermarket and a Courts superstore, Tampines GreenGlen is one of these developments.

Development Details

Bounded by Tampines North Drive 1 and Tampines Street 64, Tampines GreenGlen’s 6 residential blocks cascade in height from 16 to 9 storeys. This is done on purpose so that the development looks like a valley.

Tampines Green Glen, BTO. Picture: HDB

The development will have green features built into the estate, just like the Punggol BTO development. This includes bicycle stands, separate recycling and garbage chutes, car-sharing parking spaces, and even regenerative lifts that will reduce electricity consumption.

On top of that, homes in this estate will be ready for smart-enabled system installation, and estate lighting in common areas will also be controlled by smart systems for reduced energy usage.

Tampines Green Glen, BTO. Picture: HDB


Contrary to the general impression of BTOs in a mature estate, residents will not be walking distance from Tampines Central or Pasir Ris Central.

However, both Pasir Ris and Tampines MRT stations will be a bus ride away. There is also an upcoming Tampines North MRT which will be located nearby.

In an interesting twist to this location, Tampines GreenGlen will have playgrounds, fitness stations, a childcare centre, and a Residents’ Committee Centre built alongside it. Perhaps the label of a mature estate has motivated HDB planners to build these amenities with the development.

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A mature estate label means higher prices, regardless of accessibility. We made a guess that this would be more expensive than the Punggol development, and we came close in terms of estimates using previous BTOs.

Tampines GreenGlen’s prices are as follows:

  • 4-room: Starting at $312,000
  • 5-room: Starting at $418,000

Built for Tomorrow

This estate is definitely part of the second wave of development in the mega-town of Tampines. As we move forward, we expect this zone to start getting more popular, as the government moves in on untapped land to provide increased housing supply for Singaporeans.

If you’re considering this slate of BTOs, remember that Tampines has always been the leading town in the East, and will continue to grow as Singapore progresses.

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Source: https://www.iproperty.com.sg/news/more-details-on-tampiness-latest-bto-tampines-greenglen/

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