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I have personally achieved more than $250,000 in gross commissions within my 1st year of joining the real estate industry. I’m going to help you build your business by showing you exactly how I built mine.

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Shawn Kuah top property agent


I’m Shawn Kuah. You might have seen me on social media or one of my youtube videos. I belong to Preeminent Group with a total of 2500 agents. We are a 9 times Consecutive #1 Champion Group in ERA. In 2022 alone, my group achieved an astounding record group commission of $220m!

And now I’m sharing WITH YOU all of my sales secrets and all of my tips, tricks, and strategies on how to be the top real estate agent in Singapore.

Let’s connect over a cup of coffee 🙂

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Are you thinking about which real estate agency to join?

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