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The September 2019 BTO presents buyers with 2 choices in 2 rapidly developing estates.

The first one we’ll be taking a look at is the now popular Punggol estate.

Location and overview

We know that the upcoming BTO development in Punggol is going to just be massive, with a new neighbourhood basically being carved out of the area through the introduction of 2710 units.

We now have confirmation that this estate will be made up of 2 distinct developments: Punggol Point Cove and Punggol Point Crown.

These 2 developments will be split in half by New Punggol Road and partially ringed by Northshore Drive.

Development Details

Punggol Point Cove. Picture: HDB

Punggol Point Cove is inspired by its location on the waterfront. This means wave-like structures for the residential blocks.

The 1179-unit Punggol Point Cove will 6 residential blocks with staggered heights from 8 to 26 storeys, giving some of the units at this development a sea view.

Punggol Point Crown, BTO. Picture: HDB

Meanwhile, the 1545-unit Punggol Point Crown is inspired by the crowns of existing trees along the adjacent Heritage Trail, as well as the development’s landscape. The development will be a little larger with 9 residential blocks ranging from 6 to 26 storeys.

Both developments will have new green features built into the estate from the get-go. This includes bicycle stands, separate recycling and garbage chutes, car-sharing parking spaces, and even regenerative lifts that will reduce electricity consumption.

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On top of that, homes in this estate will be ready for smart-enabled system installation, and estate lighting in common areas will also be controlled by smart systems for reduced energy usage.

Playground in Punggol Point Crown, BTO. Picture: HDB


The design of the estate is such that the two developments will be located in a central hub of activity.

The estate is considered a “green heritage” district and will be near popular dining spots like Punggol Settlement, as well as nature in the form of Punggol Park and Coney Island Park.

Whisk and Paddle. Picture: iProperty

This location also means access to the existing Punggol LRT and the upcoming Punggol Coast MRT station. While Punggol LRT does take residents into Punggol Central, this place is still slightly less developed and will take a few years before public transport networks get reinforced by the MRT station.


We expected prices to be lower than the Tampines BTO launch, and we are happy to report that this is the case.

Prices for this year’s Punggol BTO launch are:

  • 2-room Flexi: Starting at $109,000
  • 3-room: Starting at $205,000
  • 4-room: Starting at $287,0000
  • 5-room: Starting at $423,000

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Built for Tomorrow

Punggol’s relative lack of development will slowly go away in a matter of time, as there have been more projects coming up in the recent years, and more people moving in as a result of this.

This neighbourhood is primed for further development, and we see these BTOs as plausible locations for living in.

Even if you’re baulking at the location right now, remember that as more commercial and residential developments come up in the next 5 years, Punggol will start to resemble a bustling mature estate, so it is well worth a look.

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Source: https://www.iproperty.com.sg/news/more-details-on-punggols-bto-in-september-2019-launch/

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