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SINGAPORE, 23 August 2023 – ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd (“ERA”) proudly extends access to its groundbreaking SALES+ app to external agents, reflecting our commitment to bolstering industry-wide standards. Recognising that smaller agencies may lack extensive resources to develop proprietary proptech and AI tools, ERA aims to share our proptech to uplift all local salespersons, transcending agency affiliations.


“Empowering our industry through collaboration is not just a goal; it’s our responsibility. After all, we firmly believe that we rise by raising others,” says CEO Marcus Chu.


In a technology-driven landscape, agents require up-to-the-minute tools for effective client service. Regrettably, not all agencies possess the resources or expertise to create these solutions. Bridging this gap, ERA Singapore has enabled access to select SALES+ functions to ensure all agents, regardless of affiliation, can present accurate data to their clientele.


SALES+ has advanced features enabling external agents to enhance their capabilities and provide exceptional service. Through real-time market insights, transaction tracking, trend analysis, and detailed report generation, agents gain a competitive edge. The user-friendly interface accommodates various tech levels, integrating seamlessly into agents’ routines for increased efficiency.


However, ERA Singapore’s commitment surpasses technology provision. SALES+ is backed by a dedicated support team that offers training, technical assistance, and regular updates to ensure agents are equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage the platform effectively. Through this comprehensive support system, ERA Singapore aims to empower agents to thrive and excel in their careers.


As SALES+ revolutionises the real estate industry, ERA Singapore is excited to welcome external agents to join the “Friends of ERA” network. By becoming a “Friend of ERA”, external agents can gain access to SALES+ and explore a wealth of benefits, including networking opportunities, exclusive events, and industry insights. ERA Singapore believes that by fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, the entire real estate industry can thrive together as a whole and not leave anyone behind.

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