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1. CCR and RCR prices increase 0.8% in December 2019; OCR decrease by 1.0%.
non landed private resale price index 2019 december
non landed private resale price index by region 2019 december

According to the SRX Price Index for Non-Landed Private Residential Resale:

  • Month-on-month, overall prices remains flat over November 2019.
  • For the whole of 2019, overall prices increase by 1.7%.
  • All regions experience price increases in 2019: CCR by 1.5%, RCR by 0.6% and OCR by 2.3%

2. An estimated 650 units were resold Dec 2019. This is a 15.4% decrease, compared to 768 units resold in November.
non landed private resale volume 2019 december

  • Volumes are 21.5% higher than in December 2018, and 15.3% higher than the 5-year average volume for the month of December.
  • A total of 9,017 NLP resale transactions are recorded in 2019, which is 27.4% lower than 2018.
  • Breaking down by regions, in December 2019, 48.8% of the volume comes from OCR, 26.7% comes from RCR and 24.5% comes from CCR.

3. The highest transacted price for a resale unit in the month was achieved at $17.9 million at Four Seasons Park.

  • In RCR, the highest transacted price was a unit at Reflections at Keppel Bay resold for $7.2 million.
  • In OCR, the highest transacted price was a unit at Bayshore Park resold for $3.2 million. 

4. Overall Transaction Over X-Value (T-O-X) is NEGATIVE $2,000 in December 2019. This represented no change as compared to November 2019. The median T-O-X for Non-Landed Private Residential measures whether people are overpaying (POSITIVE T-O-X) or underpaying (NEGATIVE T-O-X) the SRX X-Value estimated market value.
non landed private resale median transaction over xvalue 2019 december
non landed private resale tox by district 2019 december

  • District 9 (Orchard / River Valley) posted the highest median T-O-X at POSITIVE $30,000, followed by District 8 (Farrer Park / Serangoon Rd) at POSITIVE $28,000.
  • District 17 (Changi Airport / Changi Village) posted the lowest median T-O-X at NEGATIVE $54,000, followed by District 23 (Farrer Park / Serangoon Rd) at NEGATIVE $30,500.
  • T-O-X data only include districts with more than 10 resale transactions with X-Value.

Source: https://www.srx.com.sg/research/57831/2019-saw-nlp-resale-prices-1-7–higher–but-volumes-27-4–lower-compared-to-2018—december-2019-resale-prices-flat–volumes-eased-vs-november-2019

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