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If you stay in Woodlands, you probably get friends asking you if they need to bring their passports whenever they visit you. If you don’t stay in Woodlands, you’ve probably made fun of that one friend that does stay there.

Either way, if you don’t know that Woodlands has some hidden spots that you can spend your weekend chilling out at, you’re missing out.

In this weekend guide, we’re exploring all that Woodlands has to offer!

Explore Senoko Fishery Port

Entrance of Senoko Fishery Port. Picture: iProperty

Entrance of Senoko Fishery Port. Picture: iProperty

The well-known but rarely-visited Senoko Fishery is where a large amount of our seafood is traded at. Fishermen come into port to offload and sell their catch, and there are plenty of great deals on seafood to be found here.

You should consider starting your day here very early because the fishery port opens at 2 am, and much of the buying and selling is over by 6 am. It’s a hot hive of activity, and really quite fun to be at.

Visit one of Singapore’s few “Hot Springs”

If you’re not looking to spend money at one of those fancy Japanese spas, you should consider going in search of the fabled “Sembawang Hot Springs”. This is Singapore’s only hot spring unless you consider the other rumoured hot spring on Pulau Tekong to be real.

The Sembawang Hot Spring is actually located a little off Gambas Avenue, a short walk away from Chong Pang. Many visit this hot spring to relax, but people also use mineral-rich water to soothe skin problems and rheumatism.


The Woodlands Waterfront Park Jetty is most definitely an insta-worthy spot to visit. Besides the great sunset views on the waterfront, it’s pretty cool to be able to look over at Johor Bahru while chilling out on the jetty.

The park also has a bike trail called the Northern Explorer Loop that will connect you to other parks in the North. The 11-hectare park also has a high element playground, trails that lead to higher vantage points, and a running track that takes you along the northern coastline.

It’s a beautiful place to spend the evening, whether you’re with your special someone or your family.

Visit a home built in 1910

Beaulieu House, black and white house in Singapore. Picture: iProperty

Beaulieu House, black and white house in Singapore. Picture: iProperty

The Beaulieu House is a beautiful place to visit. Built-in 1910, the home once belonged to the British engineer that helped in the construction of Sembawang’s Naval Base.

French for “beautiful place”, the black and white lines and tiled roof of this conserved building makes it a stand out of the location for great photos. Now a restaurant, this waterfront property offers great views of the Johor Straits as families and friends enjoy a meal with each other.

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Stargaze with Singapore’s 2nd largest telescope

Woodlands Galaxy CC. Picture: iProperty

Woodlands Galaxy CC. Picture: iProperty

Singapore’s 2nd largest telescope sits in an unassuming community centre in Woodlands. The Woodlands Galaxy CC is home to the Andromeda Observatory on the top floor. On clear nights, you can head up to the observatory and peer into the stars.

Woodlands Galaxy CC. Picture: iProperty

Woodlands Galaxy CC. Picture: iProperty

The observatory also hosts special events and activities from time to time, like Mid-Autumn moon gazing. The observatory is very active on Facebook and posts Sky Quality Index scores regularly to let people know when there is a clear night for star-gazing.

Woodlands has plenty to offer for everyone, so the next time someone asks you to make that trip to the north, make sure you take the time to visit all the places we’ve mentioned… and no, you don’t need to bring your passport!

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