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Clementi is one of Singapore’s western residential areas that is loved by locals and expats alike. Located in District 5, Clementi is a popular residential area with many famous educational institutions situated close by, ranging from primary to tertiary levels. The homes in Clementi offer unmatched value through accessibility and resources.

In 2016, a flat in Clementi Towers HDB that is linked directly to Clementi MRT station made a record-breaking sale fetching more than $1 million dollars on the resale market.

Clementi. Picture: iProperty

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider Clementi as the top place to live in Singapore today!

#1 Blends history and tradition with a modern touch

One of the key reasons that Clementi is a wonderful residential town is that it blends modern architecture and traditional landmarks together. A large part of Clementi is still rooted in the past. There are lively wet markets selling fresh fruit, veg and meat from the break of dawn, plenty of hawker centres like Ayer Rajah Food Centre, and even a small vintage tram that loops around the MRT station and the popular Clementi Park Condominium. 

Parc Clematis Grand Entrance

Although they’ve demolished many of the older buildings, iconic Clementi landmarks such as the town centre water fountain and the retired railway line from the defunct Jurong Railway Line are still very much part of this close-knit community. Along with these historic Singapore landmarks located in Clementi, new and exciting buildings like 321 Clementi Mall and new condo developments like Parc Clematis and The Clement Canopy have been part of an expansion and rejuvenation of this mature residential area.

#2 Evolving Property Landscape

Clementi is a matured neighbourhood in Singapore, a beloved and popular area located in the West of Singapore. The neighbourhood used to be a predominantly HDB estate, but there have been condominium projects springing up in the past few years. Many of these new launch projects can be attributed to growing industrial development in the Western region of Singapore. Recent projects that have been developed in Clementi include The Clement Canopy at Clementi Avenue 1 (TOP: 2020) and Parc Clematis at Jalan Lempeng (TOP: 2023).

An upcoming new launch at Clementi Avenue 1 is one to keep an eye on. Clavon target to TOP in 2024 and expected to yield up to 640 units. A joint development by UOL Group and UIC Clavon’s 178,074.90 square foot site is expected to yield up to 640 private residential units and is located near to NUS, NUS High School of Math and Science and Nan Hua High School. It is bound to be popular not just for property seekers looking for new homes but also for property investors as well.

#3 Singapore equivalent of England’s Cambridge town

Cambridge is a name synonymous with prestige and international recognition. Typically associated with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge is actually a city in England and is described as “perhaps the only true university town in England”. To draw a parallel here in Singapore, Clementi is probably the closest to a university town there is. We have NUS (National University Singapore), the university with the longest history located right next to Clementi.

The proximity to NUS has made Clementi an attractive place to stay for student tenants. This is especially true with NUS having gained international recognition and established a few international programmes with overseas colleges and universities in the last decade. This has led to a constant influx of international students every semester looking to rent apartments close to NUS.

Clementi is also closely located to other popular educational institutions, providing a wide range of options for families looking for education for their children. Here’s a select list of educational institutions within close proximity to Clementi town, which altogether makes it an ideal place to raise a family:

  • NUS
  • SUSS
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • NUS High School of Math and Science
  • Nan Hua High School
  • Nan Hua Primary School

#4 Surrounded by thriving neighbourhoods

Clementi is bordered by some of the most popular areas in Singapore, namely Jurong East, Queenstown, Bukit Timah and Bukit Batok. These four areas have various selling points and attractions that will make living in Clementi a wonderful and convenient experience.

Jurong Lake District. Photo: URA

Jurong Lake District. Photo: URA

On top of these fantastic highlights, the Singapore government has also highlighted the Western Region to have substantial industrial improvements that have already drawn a lot of interest from locals and foreigners alike. These changes include three new employment areas, one of which is the Jurong Lake District (JLD) which is located in Jurong East, just west of Clementi. Being so closely located to an industrial hotspot that will be the JLD brings a lot of employment opportunities that are sure to draw a lot of interest for properties located nearby. 

#5 West Coast Park & Clementi Woods Park

Clementi is in close proximity to two local parks here in Singapore, West Coast Park and Clementi Woods Park. The serene experience of being so close to the beauty that nature entails while also living in what is seen as a thriving business hub of Singapore.

West Coast Park is about 50 hectares of park land, runs parallel to the West Coast Highway. It offers park visitors a host of recreational spaces to enjoy adventuring and the outdoors, and also leisure spots to sit down and take in the breathtaking nature of the surroundings. Not only can families partake in barbecuing together at West Coast Park, they can also enjoy camping and flying kites in open areas at the park.

Another popular area is the Adventure Playground, with a total of eight playsets and obstacle courses, it is not uncommon for young adults and children alike to be spotted playing around the area. Another fun activity that park visitors engage in is bird watching, roaming around the park looking out for rare species of birds that include the White-breasted Waterhen and the Striated Heron. 

Allotment Garden in Clementi Woods Park. Picture: Nparks

With so many wonderful attractions awaiting you at West Coast Park, you may be wondering what goodies lie in wait at Clementi Woods Park. Clementi Woods Park is pathed with tall mature native trees and natural vegetation, where tree-lined paths allow nature lovers to walk every step with woods full of chirping birds and an assortment of interesting bugs and critters to observe. The park is perfectly suited for a quiet stroll and enjoy a meal or two at the restaurant located at the tower block of the park.

When deciding where the best place to live is, you will certainly be looking out for a pool of factors to make your decision. These factors would likely include the convenience of the location, the surrounding amenities and the value of the property that you are considering. Clementi is home to many top schools and two amazing nature parks for you to enjoy walking amongst the trees and nature for a change of scenery from the city life of Singapore. Clementi is also rapidly evolving both on the property landscape with new condo developments springing up and also commercially with new attractions like the 321 mall being the highlight.

Current and future residents are sure to consider these new developments as a significant plus to the already established history of Clementi and these factors certainly enhance the attractiveness of Clementi as a residential area, and arguably the best place to live in Singapore today!

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