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Our lives are constantly in flux. One moment life is calm, peaceful, and you feel like you can finally catch your breath. Everything is going swimmingly and you feel like you have it all together.

Brightly lit kitchen in a unit of Parvis condo.

Brightly lit kitchen in a unit of Parvis condo. Picture: iProperty

The next thing you know you’ve entered into a difficult and busy season in life. Every day is hectic and out of sorts. And things in your home have gotten completely disorganized. Nothing seems to be in its place and you feel like you’re drowning in stuff.

Even during difficult seasons in life, your home could remain clean and clutter-free and mostly organized. But at other difficult times, your house becomes cluttered, messy, and totally disorganized.

It’s possible to overcome these issues even when you feel completely overwhelmed. You can begin by discovering stellar ways to organize your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry using the effective tips we’ve shared below.

1. Get Ready to Purge Your Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

Kitchen of an HDB unit in Block 348 Clementi Avenue 5. Picture: iProperty

The kitchen of an HDB unit in Block 348 Clementi Avenue 5. Picture: iProperty

The best way to begin reorganizing your kitchen is to get rid of any unnecessary or unused items taking up precious space. Not only will this help cut down on the extra clutter, but when you get rid of this excess stuff you’ll have additional room to easily store the things you want and need.

So take as much time as you need to empty out your pantry, your white shaker cabinets, and all of your kitchen drawers. You are looking for a completely fresh start and that’s only going to happen after you pull out each and every kitchen item you own and personally go through them one by one.

To begin, focus on removing duplicate items. Do you have five frying pans that are all the same size and all nonstick? Maybe it’s time to get rid of three or four of them and only keep your favourite one or two. 

Do the same thing with additional pots, pans, and utensils. Whenever there’s a duplicate that’s no longer needed, put them in a pile that you can donate, give away to friends and family, or throw out. Once this step is complete, you can move on to the next lesson.

2. Make Your Favorite Items Accessible during Kitchen Organization

Now it’s time to begin organizing your kitchen. As this process unfolds, you’ll realize that you regularly use certain items that you place in your kitchen drawers and cabinets. You should spend time organizing your space in a way that these regularly used items are easily accessible.

As an example, let’s say you frequently cook with a particular pot that you consider your favourite. If you use this pot every day, it definitely needs to remain front and center in the kitchen cabinet. Otherwise, you’ll constantly have to pull out other pots and pans in order to get to your favourite. This is a rookie organizational mistake that can be easily avoided if you spend time organizing in a way that makes your favourite items easy to get to and accessible at all times.

Do the same thing with other favourite items in your kitchen. Organize your drawers so it’s easy to get to your favourite utensils and place the lesser-used utensils at the back of the drawer. This way you’ll be able to get to the things you use quickly but still find room for the utensils that you only use on special occasions or holidays.

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HDB Kitchen, Boon Tiong Road. Picture: iProperty

3. Use Organizational Baskets in Kitchen  Cabinets

Many of us open up our kitchen pantry and cabinets and see a disorganized and unruly mess. If you feel this way, it’s time to think about adding organizational baskets to the mix. They are attractive, spacious, and they make organizing your stuff very easy to accomplish. You can continue to leave items scattered in your pantry and cabinets without any organizational rhyme or reason. Or you can place them in a basket specifically added with that item in mind.

As an example, you can add baskets to your pantry to organize your cereal boxes, soups, and other nonperishable goods. Or add them to your kitchen cabinet to organize utensils, pots and pans, and much more.

This is an excellent option to keep your kitchen cabinets and pantry free and clear of clutter. So utilize this great tool to make your life much easier and more structured.

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Properly organizing your kitchen pantry, cabinets, and drawers will make a world of difference in your life. So begin this project right away and remember to maintain a positive attitude.

After you’re through, your immaculate kitchen will look and feel amazing. And you’ll be glad you finally got rid of the excess clutter while making your kitchen much more livable, inviting, and definitely a heck of a lot more structured and organized.

This article is written by Ashley Lipman.

Source: https://www.iproperty.com.sg/lifestyle/stellar-ways-to-organize-your-kitchen-cabinets/

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