Premium Articles (up to 1000 words)


Each article is assigned to one of our tenured in-house writers who research the topics assigned using the information provided by the client brief. We use several trusted tools and sources for our research. Nonetheless, the best articles that we have produced are those which have the most information provided by the client brief.

Our writers are all highly-trained English and Native English speakers with degrees in Literature and other related English courses from the best universities in the country. This is backed by our editorial team most of which came from the publishing, news, or digital media industry.

All articles written expertly by English speakers

Each article is edited by our on-site editors and checked against industry standards and client requirements

High-quality and highly-readable write-ups with Flesch-scores above 50. The Flesch-score may be lower if the article requested is more technical

100% original and unique content written by our in-house writers. Articles are not spun, and are checked against Copyscape

 Further revisions can be made in the article when needed